"Appy Kids Co drinks tick all the boxes as they do not have any artificial colours or preservatives, yet taste good! Moreover, they do not contribute to tooth decay which is fantastic. I would definitely recommend Appy to parents for their children."


Dr. Rhona Eskander, Dentist

"I buy Appy Kids Co as it’s really important to me that there are no added preservatives or added sugar or anything that would have a detrimental effect to my child’s health."

Natasha Gavin, Child Nutritionist

"I was impressed that Appy Kids Co drinks are sweetened with stevia. These are the kind of products I want my children to drink when we are out and about. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of what I drank and what I gave to my kids. You managed to get a taste combination right with the health and nutritional benefits!"


Lucy Harris, Parent 

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